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eBook- How to Limit Screentime For Your Kids
eBook- Dr RJ-Affirmations to teach your children
eBook- Dr. RJ- Is Your Teen Stressed Out
eBook- Dr RJ-Promoting Positive Self Esteem in Children

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eBook- How to Limit Screentime For Your Kids

How to Limit Screentime for Your Kids
And Still Maintain Your Sanity

Technology is going to be a part of your child’s life as our world becomes more dependent on it. The main thing is to make sure that your child is given the opportunity to spend time doing other life-enriching things as well.  Should you limit them in any way, or should you embrace the age of technology?  A practical guide.

eBook- Dr RJ-Affirmations to teach your children

Affirmations to Teach Your Children
A Guide for Parents

Affirmations can be an especially effective tool for children. 

If your child could use a boost in the areas of self-esteem, confidence, happiness, and developing healthy habits, affirmations can be one option to make those changes.  You might even learn a thing to two to apply to your own life!

eBook- Dr. RJ- Is Your Teen Stressed Out

Is Your Teen Stressed Out?  Here’s How to Help

Parenting an adolescent can be one of the most challenging experiences you’ll ever have. Just when you think your child is growing up and becoming more responsible and helpful around the house, the teen years set in. 
No wonder G. Stanley Hall, a noted American Psychologist, referred to adolescence as a time of “storm and stress.”
The good news is that your role as a parent places you in a strong position to step in and offer guidance and encouragement when your teen is overwhelmed with the pressures of growing up.

eBook- Dr RJ-Promoting Positive Self Esteem in Children
eBook: Overwhelmed: The Self-care Guide for College Students

Promoting Positive Self-Esteem in Children
What happens when our children are loved and limitless?

The influence of family in the first few years of life is undeniably the most important in creating a solid foundation for positive self-esteem.


Regardless of how the family is identified, the most critical task is working together in the best interest of the child.


Overwhelmed: The Self-care Guide for College Students

“Overwhelmed is a powerful and comprehensive resource that empowers students of color for success in college and beyond. Dr. RJ beautifully blends real-life solutions with evidence-based research to provide beacons of light in collegiate tunnels of darkness. Darkness, unfortunately, that is especially prevalent in communities of color who, for decades, have struggled with dealing with “taboo” issues. Dr. RJ shatters these generational curses with practical, constructive, and healthy solutions for young student leaders to not only heal, but hope.”

eBook- Stress, Lies, and Vacancy

Stress, Lies, and Vacancy, is divided into three parts:


Part I, Stress, deals with the negative effects of stress on the body and how to combat your stress triggers; Part II, Lies, presents stories of women who have bought into the societal myths of portrayals and the roles of Black women; Part III, Vacancy, provides insight and advice on dealing with relationships, trauma, anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts. At the end of the day, we’re all in this together and we can be a powerful force in our wellness shift. We must be willing to stand in the gap and be accountable to each other by encouraging one another to make self-care a priority and not be ashamed to seek therapy or take off the cape and mask. Stress, Lies, and Vacancy is your doctor’s order to end the cycle of a self-sacrifice mindset once and for all!

eBook- I Want It All Back: Reclaiming the Rights to Your True Self & Your Sanity

I Want It All Back: Reclaiming the Rights to Your True Self & Your Sanity

It’s time to get it all back…now! Finally, a book written just for you. The beautiful, hard-working, intelligent you. Although you have been through a lot, and no one sees your tears, your sacrifice, or knows the depths of your secrets, you have been carrying this weight too long.

I Want It All Back will give you the tools used by mental health experts to reclaim the new you and have more power and control over your life. With your truths and positive practice, Dr. RJ sets you on a path to gaining back your happiness, your mind, your self-control, and your future. Take a moment and allow this wellness and self-care message to heal your mind, body, and soul. Self-care is not selfish.

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